Things I Have Learned

50 Things I’ve Learned

Today I Celebrate! 50 years of life is an accomplishment and I feel like I’m just getting started! So as I reflect on my life and the most recent decade I wanted to share 50 Things I’ve Learned.  On my 40th birthday I was five months pregnant with my first baby and clearly had NO IDEA what the next ten years would bring. Today, I can look back at the lessons learned and I am grateful. I am thankful and I am BLESSED!


Here is a list of 50 things I have learned… (They are in no particular order of importance but they are all things I live by)

1.Love God and Love People

2. Put God First!

3. Life is Short

4. Being Kind is Important

5. Be Yourself

6. Help Others

7. Express Yourself

8. NO is a Complete Sentence

9. LOVE is an Action Word

10. Loving Yourself is not Selfish

11. Friendship is a Two-Way Street

12. There are people who are KIND.


14.Embrace Change.

15. Wisdom has a price.

16. Do what you LOVE, the money will come.

17. Beauty comes from within.

18. Marriage is not 50/50, it’s 100% ALL OF THE TIME!

19. Learn to say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong”

20. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong.

21. We do in fact become our mothers.

22. My mother was right.

23. History only repeats itself if we don’t learn from it.

24. Protect Your Peace

25. There will always be someone who does what you do better, but there is no one that does what you do like you do it!



26. Being a mom is the most rewarding, thankless job I will ever have.

27. Always shoot your shot, if you miss it becomes practice.

28. Live Life like it is GOLDEN!

29. Value relationships over money.


31. Listen twice as much as you speak.

32. Be HONEST with yourself and with others.

33. TRUST your intuition.

34. If GOD didn’t say DO IT, Don’t DO IT!

35. Study the Word of GOD!

36. Mentor someone


38. Speak up for what you believe in.


40. Invest in yourself

41. Take chances

42. Save money

43. Cultivate your passions

44. Be a LIFE LONG Learner

45. Eat Healthy but enjoy what you like.

46. Balance is the KEY to LIFE.


48. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

49. Love your body, its going to change and that is OK!



What have you learned in life? Leave me a comment with your favorite life lessons.



My Coming of Age Story

When I was 13 years  old my mother turned 48 years old. Then two days later, she died from a stroke and brain aneurysm she had suffered a couple weeks prior.  This as you might imagine was a turning point in my life.  It is the point at which my perspective on life and living was permanently altered.  However, this was only the beginning of my coming of age.  Thanks to my family, my father, my sister, my brother and others who supported me, I was able to navigate my teen years and young adult life with relative ease despite my loss. Don’t get me wrong, I had the normal ups and downs of growing into adulthood, friendships gained and lost, heartache, discovery and self-realization.

As an adult I have learned many lessons personally and professionally. Some lessons were hard and some were fraught with adventure.  Some knocked me to my knees and some lifted me higher. When I got married there were more lessons. When I turned 40, more lessons. Becoming a mother, still more and more lessons.  Yet, none of this was my coming of age.

July 22, 2018 I am the same age as my mother was when she left this earth.  For many years I pondered how I would feel upon reaching this milestone.  I  can honestly say that I feel like I have just begun my life! I have accomplished so much yet at this point in my life I feel like there is so much more.  There is more opportunity to give to others. More creativity to live the life God has designed for me. More faith to accomplish the desires of my heart.  So as I enter into another year, I want to share three lessons that I learned from my mother and have lived for myself.

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone.  There is so much ugliness in this world. It comes from the heart and it is permeating. People often described my mother a beautiful person. She was definitely radiant. But her beauty came from the inside out. She cared deeply for others. She took care of our elderly neighbors and opened our house to our family and friends.  She volunteered as a Girl Scout leader and she taught school children. I have never met anyone who had a bad word to say about her. This is a testimony to her beauty. If I can be half as beautiful as she was I will have accomplished a lot.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all. Ok, so I know that this originally came from Thumper’s mother in the movie Bambi, but it is something my mother would say often.  As a teen and young adult I am sure I went through a bit of a mean girl period but this saying has stuck with me and it is something that I tell my daughter often.  I have learned that our words have power. What we speak has the power to transform lives.  I want my words to always speak life into a situation or a person.

Lastly, Enjoy Life!  I learned this from the way that my mom lived her life. She loved, she laughed and she taught me to do the same. Yet, there were many plans and dreams she never realized. There are many special moments that she never witnessed. Life is short and for some it is shorter than we would want or expect. Learn to find joy in everyday. Learn to laugh despite the common ups and downs of life. Learn to smile and be open to the possibilities that life has to offer.

I have spent the last 35 years waiting for this rebirth! I am at a point in my life where I am fully accepting of who I am. I have earned the life I am creating for myself and my family. I am confident in who I have become.  I recognize areas for growth and am willing to change the things that I deem as necessary to continue my pattern of growth. This is an important milestone for me because I feel like I have finally come of age.

When did you feel like you came of age?